OASIS™ Water Management



Advanced Irrigation Management is an add-on module that can be used with either the Evolution Central or Central-Lite software programs. It operates under Windows® 2000 or XP operating systems.


On a daily basis, the software automatically selects, prioritizes, and assigns valve stations into special sequences that optimize irrigation performance. This optimization is accomplished by the software scheduling irrigation stations independently from their respective controller locations. These optimized irrigation schedules can be viewed graphically in advance allowing irrigation managers to confirm or modify projected irrigation events.


The software precisely controls the rate of flow at pumps and at any point in a main line system. These points are designated as flow nodes and are user defined. Establishing flow nodes allows the system's flow capacity to be maximized without causing excessive water velocity or pressure loss. Maximizing flow capacity compresses total irrigation time and allows for shorter watering windows.


Utilizing the power of advanced computer technology; the software allows the user to easily modify the station database with just a few keystrokes. This incredibly powerful feature eliminates the tedious work of adjusting hundreds of programs or thousands of stations one by one. The user simply selects one or more station parameters and a group of stations containing those like parameters is displayed. Then, one or more station parameters within this group can be quickly modified. Additionally, stations can be assigned special attribute parameters (plant type, microclimate, special function etc.) for even faster access of commonly adjusted stations.


Although very comprehensive, the Advanced Irrigation Management software is very easy to use. It seamlessly integrates with the Evolution Central System Programs including the Rain Master's unique Advanced-ET software module. Setting parameters, selecting options, and making global adjustments is simple and fast with the graphical point-and-click interface.