OASIS™ Water Management

AIM Specifications

  1. The Advanced Irrigation Management (AIM) software shall be an optional module that operates under the Evolution Central and Central-Lite software programs.
  2. The software shall be for managing the distribution of water through the main line irrigation piping system and for the global programming of irrigation schedules. 
  3. The software shall automatically calculate and download a new hydraulically optimized irrigation schedule each day.
  4. The software shall allow the user to establish groups of stations (Flow Zones) that operate within a specified water window. A maximum of 999 Flow Zones may be established. Each Flow Zone shall be capable of operating up to 10000 stations.
  5. The software shall allow the user to set flow limits at any point (Flow Node) in the main line piping system. A maximum of 1000 Flow Nodes may be set in each Flow Zone.
  6. The software shall allow for the selection of a normally open or normally closed master valve operation per station.
  7. The software shall provide for the activation of a pump on a per station basis.
  8. The software shall allow for the setting of controller electrical constraints. The software shall allow up to nine stations to be operated simultaneously per controller.
  9. The software shall have independent station control programming capabilities. The software shall allow the following parameters to be set for each station:
  1. Maximum total station runtime between 1 to 99 minutes.
  2. Maximum cycle time from 1 to 99 minutes.
  3. Minimum soak time from 1 to 99 minutes.
  4. Nominal flow rate in gallons per minute.
  5. Runtime percentage from 1-300%.
  6. Irrigation mode option of No ET, Basic ET, or Advanced ET.
  7. Operational Priority from 1 to 5.
  8. Selectable watering days within a fourteen day calendar.
  9. Station or zone plant type.
  10. Two, user defined station attributes.
  1. The software shall provide the option of using evapotranspiration (ET) data to automatically adjust irrigation schedules. The Basic ET feature shall adjust station runtimes only. The Advanced ET feature shall adjust station runtimes and irrigation days.
  2. The software shall allow station programming by satellite or by global selection. The global selection programming option shall allow the user to define one or more station parameters. The software shall search the database and generate a list of all stations with the defined parameters. From this list, the software shall allow the user to modify one or more of the station parameters to one or more of the selected stations.
  3. The software shall provide forecasts of the upcoming irrigation schedules. The forecasts shall provide graphic displays of projected flow conditions for each Flow Zone. The forecasts shall also provide specific station event times and runtimes.
  4. An automatic backup schedule shall reside indefinitely in each satellite. This backup schedule (satellite programs #10 and #11) shall consist of user-defined runtimes, irrigation days, and start times. This backup schedule remains inactive as long as an AIM schedule is downloaded every twenty-four hours. In the event that an AIM download is missed, these backup programs will become active ensuring that an irrigation event will take place.