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Quantity Description Part # and (version)
Rain Master OASIS Water Management Brochure 10-TL1568
Rain Master OASIS CIMIS Brochure (California only) 500697 (b)
Rain Master iCentral Brochure 10-TL1569
Rain Master Eagle/Eagle-i Brochure 10-TL1574
Rain Master Eagle Plus/Eagle-i Plus Brochure 10-TL1562
Rain Master TWICE - 2-Wire Brochure 10-TL1571
ProMax/ProMax-UA Brochure 10-TL1572
Sentar II Brochure 10-TL1575
Flow Sensors Brochure 10-TL1576
Weather Center and WeatherView - Wired & Wireless 10-TL1573
California Academy of Sciences Reprint By description
Salona County Reprint By description
Rain Master DX2 Users Manual DX-MANUAL (f)
Rain Master DX2-TWICE Manual 500765
Rain Master Eagle Users Manual 500042 (g)
Sentar II Users Manual 500043 (d)
ProMax Users Manual 500055 (e)
Rain Master TWICE Users Manual 500761
Rain Master Eagle Plus Users Manual 373-0550
Rain Master iCentral Quick Start Guide 500691 (a)
Rain Master DX2 Quick Reference Guide 500024 (c)
Rain Master Eagle Quick Reference Guide 500045
Sentar II Quick Reference Guide 500065
Rain Master TWICE Quick Reference Guide 500072 (a)
Rain Master Eagle Plus Installation & Getting Started Guide 373-0551
Rain Master Eagle Plus Quick Reference Card (Spanish) 373-0586
Rain Master Eagle Plus Quick Reference Card (English) 373-0560
Rain Master Products Specifications Binder 3.3
Irritrol Presentation Folders TL1473
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