DX3™ Powered By LAGUNA

The Rain Master DX3 satellite, is possibly the most advanced, easy to use controller on the market. Its “Automatic Intelligence” takes corrective action, should certain system issues arise. Thus, the water management professional is equipped with the ultimate flexibility in “smart” irrigation central control and the water management tools to maximize returns on any project.

  • 8-96 stations conventional/200 stations 2-wire
  • Hybrid option available
  • Built to order with many configurations to choose from
  • 16 programs + independent station control (ISC)
  • 12 start times per program
  • 2 customizable establishment programs & up to 48 “omit day(s)”
  • Dedicated port for up to 3 master valves, 3 flow sensors & 2 pumps
  • 6 auxiliary sensor ports
  • “Electronic paper-style” LCD display for use in heavy sunlight, integrated LED backlight for dark conditions (superior contrast level)
  • Innovative soft keys for screen
  • Specific functions & LED “ring” indicators
  • Custom-fit clear covers for all electrical boards
  • PivotechTM pivoting bracket for easy installation (SPED and PSB only)
  • Innovative “fridge light” cabinet illumination
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Industrial lightning/surge protection comes standard
  • 5-year limited warranty