OASIS™ Water Management

Advanced ET

Comprehensive scientific tool. Without comparison, Rain Master's Advanced ET water management system provides the most sophisticated tool in the industry, tailored after the university accepted "water budget" method of irrigation. Advanced ET uses the latest scientific principles and methodologies, considering such factors: monthly plant crop coefficients, soil types, slope, precipitation, distribution uniformity, root zone depth, management allowable depletion, etc. to track the percentage of moisture maintained within the root zone on a per station basis. Central software automatically determines the proper frequency of application, run times, and water days, to insure that no runoff, deep percolation, or any form of water loss occurs. Equally important, the Rain Master system insures that your landscape obtains the right amount of water at the right time resulting in healthy robust plants.

Total accountability. In order for any system to be effective, the total water entering and leaving the root zone must be accurately measured. Accurate measurement of ET and rainfall is mandatory. Rain Master's weather center provides a direct method of measuring ET based upon one simple principle, evaporation. Because the central system utilizes water usage statistics obtained from the field satellite controller, precise accountability for all irrigation is possible. For example, if an automatic rain shutdown or wind shutdown should occur, lost irrigation will automatically be tracked and "made up" without any operator intervention. In a similar fashion, should any supplemental manual watering be performed, Advanced ET shall account for this by reducing the next scheduled irrigation cycle by the appropriate amount.

Flexibility. The only one in the industry to provide two methods of ET management (BASIC ET and ADVANCED ET). Migrating from one method to the other is simple and painless and can be done at any time on a per station basis. This allows the user to start water savings immediately (BASIC ET) as soon as the system is put in. As water audits are performed individual stations can be cut over to the ADVANCED ET mode, with a simple click of a button. Powerful COPY functions are available to modify large portions of the database in seconds.

Total control. Although the system schedules all irrigation including runtimes, cycles, and water days, the user still maintains full control. The user can establish water windows, total flow (not to exceed), maximum stations on, and allowable water days (e.g. schedule out mow days, etc.) on a per controller basis. Further control to the station level can be performed by manipulating the management allowable depletion as well as a stress factor.

Tools, Tools, Tools. Integrated tools are available to easily view today's irrigation schedule, perform "what if" analysis, and displays real-time status. These tools provide immediate feedback showing the results in actual water savings or loss anytime data base parameters are modified. The what-if analysis shows projected water usage for all stations using the ADVANCED ET mode. A real-time root monitor shows the actual percentage of moisture which remains in the root zone at any instant in time.

Intelligence and Simplicity. Although very comprehensive the system is extremely easy to use. Almost all operation is reduced to a simple point and click of the mouse. All ADVANCED ET input parameters have extensive context sensitive help. The system is also designed to automatically inform the operator should any alarm conditions occur. In the event that the user has inadvertently entered data which results in operations which are incorrect, an alarm is automatically generated. Examples of alarm notification conditions include:

  1. Irrigation runtimes which exceed a user specified water window.
    Suggestions are provided to correct the problem.

  2. Notification of stations with insufficient moisture within their root zones
    (burning up).

  3. Station runtimes which are too small.