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PLEASE be sure to print a copy of your OASIS job site information form once you receive it.

OASIS User Form

Customer Contact Information
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Central Mapping Information

To provide optimum support, Rain Master requires details that identify the location of the central system or base radio station. This can be in the form of the physical address, major cross streets or GPS coordinates (Latitude & Longitude). Please select one...

Location Type Check here if same as Contact Address
Remote Access Connection
To provide optimum support, Rain Master recommends a broad band internet connection. Please indicate the available connection type for your central system.
Internet Connection Type
Oasis Software Installation Package
  Optional CIMIS ET Module Optional AIM Module
OASIS Weather Center:
If this central system will make use of a weather center, please select the type and provide its GPS location.
Weather Center type
GPS Coordinates of weather center:
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