RME Eagle™

Total Flow Control

Main line break detection.

Unscheduled flow detection.

Station upper limit flow detection with programmable individual limits.

Totalizer feature for tracking water usage in gallons for specific time periods.

View/monitor measured station flow in GPM.

Programmable flow check delay of 1 to 6 minutes.

Flow "learn" mode for establishing station limits automatically.

Upper station limits can be set globally by percentage.

Select either a normally open or normally closed master valve.

EG-B Series
18 Gauge Jet Coat� cold rolled steel,  expanded size field wiring cabinet, off white power coat finish.
Station terminal screws (36 station size shown)  Dimensions: 13" W x 17.5" H x 4.5" D

True Cycle and Soak to Eliminate Runoff and Conserve Water

Select Cycle-and-Soak or conventional programming per program.

Set total "Run Time", "Max Cycle Time" and "Soak Time" per station.

Display Total Run Time per program which considers all soak delays, water budget percentage and interstation delay.

Quick Station support for Cycle-and-Soak.

Programming Capability

4 independent programs with 5 start times each.

Select 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes watering time per zone.

Water days based on 7 day or skip-by-day with up to 30 days between watering.

Water budgeting by increasing or decreasing station run times in 1% increments from 0% to 300% per program.

Select usage of a master valve on a per program basis.

Select usage of a pump on a per program basis.

EG-SB Series
Stainless steel,  expanded size field wiring cabinet.
Station terminal screws (36 station size shown)  Dimensions: 13" W x 17.5" H x 4.5" D

Programmable overlap protection allows programs to be run in a "stacked mode" or concurrently.

Programmable time delay between stations allows delay from 1 second to 255 seconds (4 minutes 15 seconds) to allow slow-closing valves to completely shut off.

Programmable rain shut down allows the selection of the number of days the controller will stay off (in rain shut down mode) before it goes back into the automatic watering mode.

Rain/freeze sensor may be used to turn on or off any one of the 4 programs.

Programmable security codes.

Reliability / Maintenance

Non-volatile memory holds the programs indefinitely during outages or shutdowns.

A "real time" clock holds the actual time during power outages without batteries.

Automatic resumption of any program in progress upon power restoration.

No batteries to replace, ever.

Electronic overload protection with automatic reset (no fuses or circuit breakers).

Automatic field wire fault detection senses short, shuts down station, reports faults, and moves to next programmed station.

Audible and visual alarm notification for station faults.

View status of rain sensor (wet or dry) in the display.

Specialized controller power supervisor circuit prevents lockups due to power surges and brownouts.

Manually activated station cycle allows the running of a single station for a selected time.

Built-in Test Mode.

Heavy-duty membrane keypad offers visual and audio function keys on the control panel.

Extra heavy-duty lightning and surge protected models available.

18 gauge steel housing with powder coated polyurethane finish. Also available in stainless steel (larger enclosures only).

5 year limited warranty.


EG-SPED Series
Stainless steel pedestal, padlock latch, AC on/off switch, GFI. Station terminal screws (36 station size shown).
Dimensions: 17"W x 33 �"H x 8 �"D.

Built-in ET Water Savings Features

Manually-entered and automatic ET adjustments

Historic ET operation

Weather Station connectivity

Central operation via The Internet (optional card)

Ease of use

Quick station capability allowing simultaneous programming blocks of stations with the same run times.

Program review with manual stop and go scrolling.

Manual rain shut-off switch.

LEDs provide instant identification of station activity, including watering days, station programming and field fault identification at the press of a button.

Manually-activated program cycle allows the running of a program independent of its programmed start time and water days.

Detachable harness connectors allow for quick access to front panel without disconnecting field wires.

Pro Max Compatibility

The tough, affordable Pro Max Remote is simple and easy to use.

Plug and play ready.

Advanced features when used with RME Hawk.

Internal permanent mount receiver option.